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Neuronal oscillations and epilepsy research group

What We Do

We use a variety of electrophysiological approaches to study the mechanisms by which neuronal microcircuits generate organised electrical activity in the brain. 

Our research is focused on understanding the basis of neurological and psychiatric disease at the level of the neuronal microcircuit and in particular in the context of physiological and pathological electrical activity generated by the brain in certain disease states.

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About the Cunningham Laboratory

We are located in the Discipline of Physiology in the School of Medicine. Our labs and office space are situated on the beautiful and historic main Trinity College Dublin campus site. The labs are equipped with state of the art equipment to undertake biochemical, pharmacological, electrophysiological and imaging studies at the in vitro level. We are a lively, social and friendly research group and hold annual lab away days.

We welcome approaches from prospective post-doctoral researchers and PhD students. We also welcome approaches from Non-TCD undergraduate students who may apply for laboratory placements or summer fellowships through sources such as Erasmus.

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        Neuronal oscillations

Lab Members

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Prof. Mark Cunningham

Principal Investigator


Hugh Delany

PhD student

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Dr. Kate Connor

Research Fellow

Research Fellow

Dr Andy Irving


Evgenii Liubishkin

PhD student


Austin Lacey

PhD student


Dr. Carol Murray

Senior Technical Officer

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Selected publications

Human brain tissue as an optimal model of human epilepsy

Novel in vitro seizure model based on mitochondrial dysfunction.

The use of human tissue for epilepsy research

Cannabis and epilepsy

Neuronal oscillations in the avian hippocampus

Impact of early life stress on neuronal oscillations

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Nicola Marples (Trinity College Dublin)
Tom Smulders (Newcastle University)
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Contact Us

Discipline of Physiology, TBSI, 152-160 Pearse Street, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland

+353 1 896 8569

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